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Darrell T. Joe is an established actor, singer and dancer originally from Houston, TX. He likes to think Beyoncé isn’t the ONLY star to come from his hometown!


He grew up with an early interest in entertainment, often recreating scenes from “Kids Incorporated” and “The Mickey Mouse Club” in his living room. At the age of nine he found himself joining his church’s praise dance team at Spirit of Life Church. Yes, he started out as a liturgical dancer!


He has always had a natural affinity for music. His grandmother gifted him with a toy organ that he “self-taught” himself for hours on end. When the recorder was introduced in 5th grade music class, he was hooked! While the rest of the class was learning "Hot Crossed Buns," Darrell was teaching himself sonatas by all the classics. He went on to join the school band and played French horn throughout high school. He is proud to say he was first chair from 6th grade until senior year!


Darrell knew he would pursue something artistic as a career but was shocked when he was bitten by the theatre bug his sophomore year. He was cast as the “pivotal” role, Angie the Ox, in “Guys and Dolls!” He instantly discovered the beauty of musical theatre; the perfect marriage of his love of dance, music, and theatre!


He enrolled in the Standing Ovations School of Dance in Spring, TX and started to train professionally. Darrell went on to receive a BFA in Musical Theatre with a concentration in Dance from Sam Houston State University. He has also trained with Ann Reinking’s Broadway Theatre Project and the Alvin Ailey School of Dance summer intensives.


Darrell now finds himself in New York City living the dream. In his free time he currently enjoys learning guitar, trying new recipes and has hopes to run in a NYC Marathon in the near future!


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